This 775 bearing motor is 12-36volt rated. Its Speed sow at 12v and high at 36v. Standard in 24v.

This motor is suitable for mainly 24 to 36v. The coil id thin type so that you get low speed and good torque. This is bearing motor and same 775 standard dimensions. Max RPM is near about 9000.

12-36v 3500-9000 RPM 775 Bearing Motor

  • Operating voltage - 12-36v

    Shaft Size - 5 mm D type will help fitting in any attachment.

    RPM -

    DC 12V, current 0.14A, speed 3500RPM
    DC 24V, current 0.16A, speed 7000RPM
    DC 36V, current 0.20A, speed 9000RPM

    Shaft Length - 17 mm

    Stall Torque  - 5 at 24v

    Weight - 380 grms

  • 1 X 12-36v 775 bearing motor

    2 x Screws for motor

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