This is 795 dc bearing Motor. Its slow Speed high torque DC motor. You can use this motor from 12 to 36v. This motor shoes good performance for 24v.

 If you need slow speed motor but want hig torque then 795 bearing is for you. And current consumption is also low.

12-36v RS795 DC Bearing Motor

  • 12v Testing -

    No load  Current - 0.1A

    RPM -1700

    Torque - 1.1

    Full load current - 1.5 amps

    24v testing -

    No load current - 0.15A

    RPM - 3900

    Torque - 1.5

    Ful load current - 3.5A

  • Click this link to check Unbox video of this Motor -

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