Its 10 amps 775/795 Motor Speed Controller

Use this for high load applications like cutting, grass cutter, grinding, drilling, Fan etc.


Package included:

1 x PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

10 Amps 775/795 Motor Speed Controller

₹380.00 Regular Price
₹228.00Sale Price
  • Max 400 watts PWM Speed Controller.

    With reverse polarity protection, high current protection.
    Working Voltage: DC 12V - DC 40V.
    Static Current:0.02 A 
    PWM Duty Cycle:10% -100%
    PWM Frequency:13 KHz.
    Size:6cm x 7.5cm x 2.8cm

    Best for 775/795 or gear motor. Use this in battery or 12v 5/10 amps adapter to vary the speed of the motor.

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