14.8v 6AH lithium IOn battery Pack. Powerful battery for multipurpose works. You can use this battery for 775 motor in drilling, cutting grinding, polishing, 555 moto in dremel accessories. 390 motor, ear motor for drilling and screw driver. For corless opeeation this is very good battery, You can even this in Spray pump for bike car wash, solar pump etc. Battery is protected with BMS circuit.

14.8v 5.2AH Lithium ION battery

Balance Charger
  • Battery Specification

    Full charge voltage-  16.8v

    Nominal use voltage- 14.8v

    Cutoff voltage - 12.8v

    Life Cycle -  1200 times 

    5.2AH battery with BMS protecttion Board. Over charge and low charge protection system. 

    Technical specification - 4s2p

    Charger Specification -

    Charging voltage - 16.8v

    Charging current - 1A

  • 1 x 14.8v BMS protected Battery

    1 x Charger ( if you select from above options)

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