Its 5 amps 555/540/545/775/795 Motor Speed Controller

Use this for Low load Application Up to 5 amps like fans, mini cutting, polishing, grinding etc.


Package included:

1 x PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

5-35v 5amps Motor Speed Controller

  • Best for 555/540/545/775/795 motor if you use up to 4 amps adapter. 

    if you use 10 amps then use a 10 amps speed controller. for battery use use 5 amps controller for 555 motor. For 775 use 10 amps controller.

    Operating voltage: DC 5-35V
    Control power: 90W (maximum)
    Quiescent current: 0.015A (standby)

  • If Damage Item Found in Courier or The Motor Not working The we Replace the Motor With a New One.

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