This Drill is is abe to drill in Wood, Plastic, PCB, MDF sheet etc. Very good for daily basis use. If you want complete made machine we also sell that too. If you want more high power then can take 18v adapter also. You can also use 12v lion battery or lead acid battery in place od 12v adapter. With this drill set max 3 mm drill possible. This drill set is suitable for any 3.17mm shaft dia motor like 555,540,725 etc.

555 Motor Drill Set

SKU: SP_Drillset555
₹620.00 Regular Price
₹558.00Sale Price
  • This Package Include ---

    • 555 DC 12v Motor
    • 12v 2a Power Adapter
    • Motor Bracket
    • Drill Collect Set (max 3mm drill Possible)
    • on/off Switch
    • Female connector for adapter
    • Crocodile clip pair

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