Automated water Filling System Controller Box. This controller box will Cutoff the water Flow after a certain ammount of water. This will help you in fiiling bottle in industries. 

Suppose you want exact 200ml water/juice/cold drinks etc then this controller system will off the pump after 200 ml. so you get exact 200 ml of liquid. Not just 200 ml you can fix it any ml or litre value.

After your order we will contact you for the ammount of water you want to control.

You can use two pump simultaneously.

Automated Water Filling System

  • Controller Box 

    Working Voltage- 5-24v wide range

    Adapter - 12v 5A

    Pump - High power Spray pump 5 LPM

    Controller box is compatible with DC 5-24v range water pump.

  • 1 X Controller Box

    1 X adapter

    1 X pump(if you choose)

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