You can do wood cutting polishing grinding, metal cutting polishing grinding. you can select the voltage according to your work

795 High Speed motor of 16000 RPM.

120 watts Adapter 24v 5amps.

Can attach 110 mm Cutting Wheel.

You can Change the rotation of motor by DPDT switch and on/off switch.

Cutting Grinding Full Set

SKU: SP_CGfullSet
₹1,950.00 Regular Price
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  • This is full set of  Cutting/Grinding/metal cutting/polishing tools.

    Package Include - 

    1x795 motor

    1xM10 arbor

    1x12-24v 5A Variable adapter & Female Connector

    1xDPDT Switch & SPST Switch

    1x5Amps Speed Controller

    1xBracket & crocodile clip

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