Dual Shaft 775 DC motor. Powerful DC motor with long back side. 12-24v motor. Can run long time in 24v also.

Dual Shaft 775 DC Motor

₹400.00 Regular Price
₹320.00Sale Price
  • Voltage- 12-24v

    No load current - 0.12A at 12v, 0.14A at 24v

    Full Load current - 2.1A at 12v, 4.1A at24v

    RPM- 1600 at 12v, 2700 at 24v

    Torque- 1 kg.cm at 12v ,1.9 kg.cm at 24v

    12v 5A adapter or 24v 5a adapter best.

    Motor Dimension -

    Motor front shaft length - 30 mm

    motor back shaft length - 10 mm

    easily attached with coupler pulley etc.

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