This kit contains all the accessores you need to wash car, bike, or any other accessories the you may need.  Using the nozzel you get very good quality spray like foams. This spray covers a big rounf area.

you can spray normal water, shampoo water, detergent water anything. After purchase we also provide you detail guidance for attaching the set.

Full Car & Bike Wash Pump Kit

  • Pump -

    12v 8 LPM high pressure 160 PSI SPray/agricultural Pump


    12v 5A 60 watts Power adapter

    Switch -

    High quality 20A rating switch

    Inlet pipe length 5 meter, Outet pipe length 1 meter

    Flow Control Meter-

    We also provide flow control meter, using that you can regulate the ammount of water.

    Hand Gun-

    Hand gun have locking system also, so for long time you don't need to press handel.

  • 1 X Spray pump

    1 X 12v 5A adapter

    1 X inlet wire 5 meter

    1 X Outlet water 1 meter

    1 X Hand Gun

    1 X extension Rod

    1 X nozzel

    1 X speed controller

    1 X on/off switch

    1 X Adapter female connector

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