Full Corless Drill Machine Set. This drill set is capable for automated Screw driver + Drill. This motor is high power Johnson Gear with 300 RPM. This drill set comes with 10 mm drill set, with both direction rotation switch. We will also provide full circuit diagram if you need. This drill set is powerful enough to drill in wood, plywood, pvc, metal sheet etc. You can use this drill set as Automated screw driver set in wood, plywood, metal sheet, pvc directly without drill or with drill hole.

Full Cordless Drill Machine Screw Drive+Drill

₹1,120.00 Regular Price
₹1,064.00Sale Price
  • Motor - Johnson gear motor 300 Standard RPM

    Torque - 10 Kg.cm aprox

    Volt - 12-18v 2-5A current

    Drill chuck - 10 mm size

    Connector - 6 mm hole with thread that easily fit with 10 mm drill chuck, and you can fit this in any 6 mm shaft motor.


  • 1 x 300 RPM Johnson Gear Motor

    1 x 12v 2A adapter

    1 x 10 mm drill set (with connector)

    1 x 1,2,3 mm drill bit

    1 x Screw bit

    1 x DPDT switch for both direction

    1 x Adapter female socket

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