High Torque Gear Motor 12-24v

Base Motor is 550. 

Best for high Load Application like in kids Car, Go Karts Or any other high power applications.

This Motor available at different RPM rating. Low RPM means Speed ow but torque High, and High RPM means High Speed but Low Torque.

Torque means power of motor to rotate any object.


Package Include

1 Pcs Gear Motor

Go Kart Gear Motor 12-24v, 550 Motor Gear Version

SKU: GM_540
  • Choose RPM from Above Options.
    For 30 RPM -
    12v SPeed -30, 24v - 60 RPM
    Stall Torque - 60 kg aprox

    For 60 RPM -
    12v SPeed -60, 24v - 120 RPM
    Stall Torque - 50 kg aprox

    For 200 RPM -
    12v speed- 200, 24v - 400 RPM
    Stall Torque - 30 KG aprox

    for long time use take 12v supply
    and high power and short time use 
    take 24v power suply.
    Stall Torque means the maximum power can be obtain from the motor.
    Working torque must be lower than stall torque.

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