This is a complete set for Grass cutting. This 795 motor can be used in 24v for long Time. The Battery is provided for Outdoor Use of 1.2AH and Back up Time of 30 minutes Nearly. If you want more back up time Battery then Can contact me for that. Charger is Fast Charger and need only 2 hour to full charge the battery. Speed controller is attach to decrease or increase the speed of the motor.

Grass Cutting 795 Full Set

SKU: GrassCutting_Set
₹2,350.00 Regular Price
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  • This Set Include ---

    • 795 High Speed High Torque Motor
    • 24v Lithium Ion battery For Outdoor Use
    • 24v Battery Fast Charger
    • 10a Speed Controller
    • Fast Grass Cutting Blade
    • Blade Connector with Motor (M10 Arbor Set) 

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