Its motor controller Box. 

Just use give DC power source to this controller box and using it you can easily regulate motor Speed, Motor rotation direction like Clock wise and Anti clockwise and On/off switch.

This box easily use with lead acid battert, adapters, lithium ion battery, lipo battery etc. Can be use for both motor and Led also. But can't use with Bldc motor. Compatible with gear motor, 555, 775 dc motor etc. 

Motor Controller Box

Current Rating
  • Choose appropriate Current rating for your Controller Box.

    For 555, gear motors, 5A controller Box good.

    For 775,795,380,540, 895 , 10A controller Box good.

    Specification -

    Voltage - 5v to max 24v

    Current - 5A or 10A or 20A

    Speed regulation -0 to 100%

    Direction change switch DPDT

    on/off switch

    LED indication.

    Package Incude- 

    1 X controller Box

  • As we need to make this and test it so need max 4 days to ready this for courier.

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