High power DC 12-18v Motor. Better than 555 DC Motor. Size is same as 555 motor. DC 545 motor comes with thick coil and inbuilt fan. This motor works best in cordless drill dremel machine, driling, grinding etc. Best power supply is 12v 5A adapter or 12v lead acid battery or lithium ion battery. This motor comes with 18000 RPM.

RC 545 DC 18000 RPM Motor

  • Motor name -RC 545

    Operating Voltage - 12-18v

    RPM- 18000 at 12v

    Suitable adapter- 12v 5A power adapter

    Suitable battery - 12v lead acid battery or lithium ion

    best for power tools work.

    Motor dimensions -

    Motor shaft dia- 3.17mm

    Motor shaft length -15 mm

    motor dia -36mm

    motor body length -50

    full length -75 mm

    Inbuilt Fan

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