Its full readymade machine. Just plug in the AC cord and press on switch and start working.

Wonderfull machine with 240 watts power. Easy to cut plywood, wood piece, iron sheet, pvc pipes, Acrylic sheetetc.

Machine comes with Speed control features with distance measureing handel.

Table Saw Full Machine 240 watts

  • Machine Dimension - 40x30x12 cm

    Motor  - 24v 775 DC bearing Motor.

    Power supply Inbuilt - 24v 10A Max 290 watts

    Speed controller inbuilt  - 10A rated high Performance

    On/off switch.

    Base size - 30x40 cm.

    M10 arbor set inbuilt.

    wood cutting blade and iron cutting blade include.

    4/5 inch blade suitable.

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