12volt Lithium Ion battery pack for DC motors.

You can use it anywhere like go-kart, hooverbard, e cycle, dc motor, grass cutter, crodless drill applications, led light  etc.

The back up time depend upon the motor Specification, type of work you are doing. 

WhatsApp us to get appropriate Battery for your motor.

Battery has two wire out, one for charging and ne for discharging. On charging port we provide female socket and in dicharge port we provide male socket.

on charger male socket provided which you need to connect to the battery via female port.




12v Lithium Ion Battery Pack

  • Battery is protected with BMS Board.

    Cell Brand  - BAK or Roofer 3C cells.

    Full Charge Voltage - 12.6v

    Nominal Voltage - 11.1v

    Least Voltage - 9.6v

    Choose battery accoring to you AH required.

    AH means battery capacity. More AH means more back up time.

    Charger Specification- 

    Its 5A rated charger. Fast charging with proper auto cutoff facility.

    Use only Myinnovation charger with battery.

  • we make battery on orders. Its take 4 days max to make it and test it. After that we can courier.

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