E cycle Battery with Charger full set. Powerfull battery for E cycle. Its lithium Ion battery. Light in weight and High Capacity. Works perfect with DC motors. E cycle motor like 250 watts, 350 watts hub motor etc. Works with 775,795,895 etc.

Charger is balance one with fast charging type. It will full charge the battery within 3 to 4 hour. Charger will not over Charge the battery. 

24v 12AH Battery & Charger

Auto Cutoff Charger
  • Battery specification -

    Full charge voltage- 29.4v

    Nominal use - 25.9v

    Cutoff voltage - 22.4v

    Capacity - 12AH

    Max capacity- 13AH

    Technical specification - 7S8P

    Charger Specification -

    Balance autoCutoff charger+Fast Charging

    Charging Current -10A

    Charging voltage - 29.4v

    Watts - 294 watts

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