This battery is 36v 13AH. Lithium Ion type.

Charger is rated for 10amps.

Good battery to use n E cycle motor, E bike Motor of same voltage range. We also make Bigger size battery like 20AH and smaller size battery like 7.8 AH. Contact Us to get your desire size battery.

at 9163503811.


36v 13AH Battery With 10A Fast Charger

SKU: 36v13AH_charger
  • Battery Specification -

    full charge voltage - 37.8v

    nominal use- 33.3v

    cutoff voltage-  28.8v

    Battery capacity - 13AH

    Type - Lithium Ion Battery

    Single Cell Capacity  - 2600 mah

    No of Cell - 45

    Battery Weight - 2.3 kg

    battery specification - 9S5P

    Battery dimension - 23cm X 9 cm X 11 Cm

    WattsHour  - 500 wattsH aprox

    Discharge Port and charging port are seperated.  Battery colour may varry from blue, red or green. We provide 1 mm thich copper wire in both charging and discharging port.

    Charger Specification -

    Charging Volt- 37.8 v

    Max charging current- 10A

    Watts - 360 watts aprox

    Charger Weight - 1 kg

    charger Dimension - 25 cm X 11 cm X 12 cm

    type - Fast charger max 3 Hour to full Charge the battery

    Charger is balance charger type,  Its will not over charge the battery any time. Charger male port need to connect to battery female port to charge the battery. Charger also have cooling fan to dissipate heat. Charger is off Fast charger type.

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