Mini drone Transmitter , Receiver and flight controller Board. This circuit board contains both flight controller and Receiver module Combined. This board works on 3.7v lithium ion or lipo battery. Board compatible with Coreless motors only. This is mini drone or quardcopter kit. Motor shows for connection, not include in this set. The transmitter power by 3 pcs AAA cells.

Best for mini drones.

Mini Drone Transmitter+Receiver+Flight Controller

  • Transmitter Range - 30 meters

    Battery - 3.7v lipo battery 

    Frequency - 4.2 Ghz

    Compatible with coreless motor.

    This circuit contain both flight controler and receiver so you don't need any extra controller board.

    Just connect the motors, and battery and fly the drone

  • 1 X Transmitter

    1 X flight Controller+Receiver Combine Circuit

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