Its 5 amps 555/540/545/775/795 Motor Speed Controller

Use this for Low load Application Up to 5 amps like fans, mini cutting, polishing, grinding etc.

Its gives a speed range of 40% to 100% regulation.

Means if a 555 motor has 5000 rpm then you can regulate from 2000 to 5000 aprox.


Package included:

1 x Water Proof Speed Controller

Water Proof Speed Controller

SKU: waterproof Speed Controller
₹150.00 Regular Price
₹105.00Sale Price
  • Best for 555/540/545/775/795 motor if you use up to 5 amps adapter. 

    This speed controller is Fully Water Proof. Its wiring connection is printed on the controller itself. For more details you can directly contact us through whatsapp.



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