Its 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Holder.

1XBattery Holder-Output voltage - 1x3.7=3.7v 

2XBattery Holder- Output Voltage - 2X3.7= 7.4v 

3XBattery Holder- Output Voltage - 3X3.7=11.1v 

4XBattery Holder- Output Voltage - 4X3.7=14.8v  


Package included:

1 x Battery Holder

18650 Lithium Ion Battery Holder Different Size Available

  • We also Sell 18650 Original Battery. If oyu need more in quentity Contact us in Whatsapp to get Good Discount.

    Its Full hard case cover with Long Wire. 

    Best Holder to make 12v battery pack at low price for 555/775/795 motor.

    Use 2 piece 3xbattery Holder to make 24v battery set. Connect in Series this two holder to make 24v.

  • If Damage Item Found in Courier or The Motor Not working The we Replace the Motor With a New One.

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