Its Power bank module, connect 18650 lithium ion battery to this and charge your Mobile Phone.

It has 3 USB port, High Speed Charging. Led Emergency light also Include. 4 Led indication inbuilt to shows charge of battery. Colour may vary accoridng to stock


Package Include-

1 X Charging Module

3 USB Power Bank Module High Speed

  • High Speed 3 USB port power bank circuit for moniles. 4 led indication system 25% battery charge each. Led Emergency light inbuilt. 

    • Input Voltage: 3. 7V~5. 5V
    • Charging Current: 2A(max), Output Current: 2A(max)
    • Output voltage: 5V, BAT Discharging Stop Voltage: 2. 9V
    • Discharging Efficiency: 85%(input 3. 7V output 5V/1A)

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