Best motor with bearing.Application for All type of Power tool Accessories.Pumps/fan/cutting/grinding/drilling etc. Now D Shaft or O shaft  Bearing motor Available only. Easy to attach at m10 connector, drill set fan blade any.

775 Bearing DC Motor 12-24v

  • High Power 775 Bearing motor

    Overall Length: 98mm

    Shaft Tye - D or O depend upon stock

    Diameter: 44 mm

    Speed: 12V - 4000 rpm,

                 24V - 14000 rpm

    Current(no-load): 12V - 400ma, 24V - 600ma

    Current(Full-load): 12V - 5a, 24V - 10a

    Shaft Diameter: 5 MM

    Shaft Length - 15 mm

    Best motor for all types of powertools work, fan, pump everything.

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