7S BMS board with heat sink case. If you are making a e cycle battery with lithium ion battery then you need this bms board to protect your battery from over charge protection, Low discharge protection and for battery good life. This bms board used in 18650 lithium ion battery model and can hold max 20A current. Remember 20A cuurent does not mean 20AH. 20A means for max 588 watts motor. You can make the battery pack even 100AH but the output power shuld be limited to 588 watts max if you want to use this bms baord.  

Now 7s means 7 battery in parallel battery.

In e cycle 7s battery system used not 6S. 6S battery system provide low power to motor. 

7S 20A E Cycle Battery BMS Board &Heat Sink

  • Bms Specification - 7S 20A bms

    Special HEAT sink protection.

    Battery Full charge volatge - 29.4v

    Battery Cutoff volatge - 22.4v

    Battery specification - 18650 lithium ion battery 3.7v

    You can easily connect up to 500 watts motor in this BMS system battery, like 250 watts, 350 watts e cycle motor.  

    • Overcharge protection 
    • Low Discharge protection
    • Over current protection 
    • Balanced Charging to each cell

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