13s 20A BMS or battery management system. This bms module is for 18650 lithium ion battery. This BMS module is 13 or 48v suitable for 48v HUB motors, gear motors. Max watts that this module can handle is up to 1000 watts. SO you can easily use 350 watts, 450 watts, 750 watts motor in this BMS module. Module protect your battery from over charge, low discharge and over load. This module will keep your battery healthy and increase the life of battery.

13s 20A, 48v BMS Module

  • Heat SInk protection .

    Battery Specification -18650 lithium ion battery

    13S or 3.7v*13=48.1v

    Normal voltage - 48.1v,

    Full charge voltage - 54.6v

    Cutoff Voltage- 39V

    Charging Current - Max 10A

    Discharge Current- Max 20A

    Charger Specification - 54.6v

    You can use this module in any AH like 20AH, 50AH also

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