This set includes 1 pcs big pulley and 1 pcs small pulley. Both pulley suitable for 775 motor like 5 mm shaft motor.  you can use this system to increase the torque of the motor as well as ower the speed of the motor. You can also able to connect two motor using this. Belt full length is 1 foot. we connet the ends of the belt.  so it will help you to use.  Pulley have 2 key thigh facility for good attachment.

Package Include- 

1 x Big pulley

1 x small pulley

1 x belt

1 x L key

2 Pcs Pulley & Belt Combo Pack

  • Big Pulley -

    Hole Dia - 5 mm

    Teeth No - 36

    Outer dia -25.4

    Small Pulley -

    Hole dia- 5 mm

    Teeth No -20

    Outer dia - 16 mm

    Belt - 

    full length - 30 cm

    If connected with pulley then axial length btw two pulley centre is 118 mm

    L key also proviede with this set.

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