BMS circuit board for 3S Battery. Lithium Ion battery. For battery pack You can use BMS. This is max 20A BMS. The Load current shoul be limit to 20A for this BMS. Load current does not mean AH. Please remind both are different. AH does not mean Ampere. Plz do not short Circuit the battery. The positive and negative terminal should not attach together at any condition.

3S 20A BMS Circuit

SKU: 3S20A
  • Battery Management System 3S or 11.1v 20A circuit board.

    For 3 series battery of Lithum ion 18650, you can increase the no of battery but voltage should be 11.1 or 12.6 max. Its max current limit is 20A.

    Package Include- 

    1x 3S 20A BMS circuit

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