48v 13S 8P Lithium Ion battery for 48v Electricals EV Motors like toto, E bike ,E Scooty, Go karts, Hub motor etc. Lithium Ion battery has very light weight than lead acid battery. It gives more power to motor and more backup and mileage than lead acid battery. You can use this battery in other 48v perpose also. Battery has inbuilt BMS protection or battery management system. Each single cell is BAK brand 3C, 2600 MAH. Battery comes with 6 months of warranty. this Battery has two port, one for charging and other for discharging. You can connect up to 750 watts motor safely to this battery. Max wattage is 960 watts.

On discharge port 1.5 mm wire is used and on charging port 1 mm wire is used.  Battery support fast charging. 

48v 13S Battery for TOTO, E Scooty, E Bike

Battery AH
  • Battery Specification -

    Battery AH- Choose appropriate AH from Above options

    Ful charge voltage- 54.4v

    Nominal use - 48.1v

    Cutoff Voltage-  41.6v

    Technical Specification - 13S 8P

    BMS Specification - 13s 20A

    Single Cell Specification - 

    BAK brand 18650 model lithium Ion  2600 MAH 3C battery with life cycle 1100-1200 Cycles.

    Battery Charger- 

    Charging voltage - 54.4v

    Fast Charging Support 6A.


  • 6 Months Warranty on Battery & charger.

    After that service warranty up to 5 years. On that we don't take charges for battery repairing, If we need to replace any items in the battery or charger that cost customer need to bear.

    Warranty will be void if product subject to misuse, tampering, accident, water or fire damage, soldered or altered in any way.

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