Big size water pump case. High power pump case for HIGH pressure and HIGH ater flow. This pump set if protected with bearing. you need to couple the impeller shaft to the motor/drill machine. So there is no direct connection between pump set and motor. So no chance for water Leaking. 

Click the Video link and check out to know how to use this.

Big 3D Pump Set with Bearing

  • Expected water flow - 50 ~ 100 Litre per minutes.

    Pump set Outer dia - 94 mm

    Inner dia - 90 mm

    Impeller is cover with both up and down. 

    Inlet & outlet pipe size 20 mm.

    Pump case is cover with bearing in back size.

    Impeller Shaft dia - 8 mm.

    To connect  this with 775 motor you need 5 to 8 mm coupler.

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