5 Drill Collet Provided with it.

Drill Collet  Size: 0.5mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.5mm,3.0mm

Suitable for 3mm Shaft dia Motor like 555/540/545 etc.


Package Include

5 X Drill Collect Dia mentioned

1 X Drill Connector Set

1 X L Key

0.5-3 mm Full Drill Set for 555/540 Motor Collect Type

  • Its best for 3 mm drill Applications Like PCB Drill and mini Drills. Use a 12v 2 amps Adapter for 555 motor. For 545 or 540 use 12v 5 amps Adapter. You need to Add the drill bits to the Drill Collet and the drill collet to the Connector.

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