E cycle Battery. Best E cycle/E bike battery for Both HUB Motor, DC Motor. Its lithium Ion battery with High power, high Back Up facility. You can use this battery in your 250 watts motor, 350 watts motor easily. This battery is protected with BMS connection. Means battery is with over charge protection. Low discharge protection. This battery weight is very low than your normal lead acid battery.  And can provide approriate Power to your Motor.

Charger is auto cutoff type with charging and full charge indication. Its will turn off charging when battery is being full charge. 


Plz select the battery AH from the above options and select Charger option too.

We always recommend to take charger from our Website.

ECycle Battery & Charger

Battery AH
Balance Charger
  • Max Power Motor can be used - 500 watts aprox

    Single Cell - BAK 2600 mah

     Charging Cycle   - 1000 aprox

    Charger - 2A rated.

    BMS Specification - 7s20A

    Max discharge current  - 20A

    Battery full charge volatge -29.4v

    Battery cutoff charger - 22.4v

    Battery Normal voltage-  25.9v

    Back up on 250 watts E cycle Motor -

    7.8 AH / 20km , 10.4 AH/ 26km, 13 AH / 35km

    15.6 AH / 42km, 18.2 AH / 50km, 20.8 AH / 56km

    Aprox Back Up time of battery( tested with a 55 kg person)

    Charging time -

    7.8 AH / 4 Hour  , 10.4 AH/ 5.5 Hour, 13 AH / 6.5 Hour

    15.6 AH / 7.8 hour, 18.2 AH / 9.1 hour , 20.8 AH / 10.4 Hour

    Aprox charging time for full charge the battery.

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