Its High Pressure Pump for High Load Applications

Different flow rate and pressure pump available.

Best for Sanitizing Machines.

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Package Include

1 X Pump


if you select for pipes then pipe length 5 meter.

Spray Pump, High Pressure Pump

LPM or Water FLow
  • LPM means Litre per minutes.

    LPM - 5 LPM/ 8 LPM 

    Choose the correct LPM from above options

    Volts:DC 12-14V
    Amp Draw: 2 - 3A
    Adjustable CUT OFF Pressure : 90PSI for 5 LPM/ 110 PSI for 8 LPM
    Inlet/Outlet: 8 mm pipe
    Vertical Suction Lift: 6.6ft (2m)
    Product Size approx: 16.5cm(L) x 10cm(W) x 6cm(H)
    Product Weight: Approx. 600g /21 oz

    We also sell its complete set with nozzel and pipes. You can get that in Special Pack Section.
    Multi-purpose: Home use for Garden sprinklers, lawn, shower, water taps in the boat, caravan, travel trailers, rv or motor home
    suits for Caravan, Camper, RV, Boats, Marine, Home Garden and Camping

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