This set is specially design for Go-kart or kids car or huge scale speed reduction. This set increase the torque of motor a lot. this reduce the speed via 3 times and increase the torque via 3 times.

This set includes 1 pcs big pulley and 1 pcs small pulley. Small pulley suitable for 775 motor like 5 mm shaft motor.  you can use this system to increase the torque of the motor. You can also able to connect two motor using this. Belt full length is 1 foot. we connet the ends of the belt.  so it will help you to use.  Pulley have 2 key thigh facility for good attachment.

Package Include- 

1 x Big pulley

1 x small pulley

1 x belt

1 x L key

Pulley Set for GoKart, Kids Car,

  • Big Pulley -

    Hole Dia - 8 mm

    Teeth No - 60

    Outer dia -44

    Small Pulley -

    Hole dia- 5 mm

    Teeth No -20

    Outer dia - 16 mm

    Belt - 

    full length - 30 cm

    L key also proviede with this set.

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